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10 Day Detox

Reset ~ Renew ~ Restore


How you look, feel, think and act has everything to do with what you put into your body verses what it really needs! Our body is speaking to us all the time in the language of signs and symptoms and if ignored the communication can become illness or disease.


With our fast past, no time to stop, or pay attention to the symptoms of constant fatigue, bloated stomach, aches and pains, weight gain, brain fog, allergies, depression and addiction to carbs and sugar, we just add to the burden of toxins in our bodies with pain killers, energy drinks and even more sugar to suppress our symptoms, just so we can 'get on' with our lives.


If we don't pay attention and make time to 'take out the trash', then we will attract all kinds of unhealthy germs, bacteria and pathogens into our internal space, that will slow us down mentally and physically, compromising our immune system and inhibiting our bodies natural ability to cleanse itself.

Earth Medicine Healing's 10 Day Detox will push the Reset button on your health, will Renew the parts of your brain that are keeping you stuck, unfocused and unproductive and will Restore your natural energy, glowing skin, enthusiasm for life and connection with yourself as nature. As your whole system comes into balance, you will look, feel and think differently. As a result, you will begin to make better food and lifestyle choices that will support you in every area of your life. 



For 10 days you will eat real, nutritious food! a balanced plant based diet to boost your phytonutrient intake (optional Omega 3 rich proteins) specific supplements that repair, reduce inflammation and turn on the bodies ability to neutralize free radicals. Key nutrients are added to turn on the longevity genes, upgrade the brain and reestablish the flora in your gut.

The added mind, body spirit rituals and practices, will keep you grounded and connected mentally emotionally and spiritually so that once your body is clear, you can powerfully step into a new way of life.

  • Feeling renewed, energized and lighter in your body and mind

  • Knowledge on how, when and what to eat to create and support optimal health & brain function. 

  • Chronic health problems improve

  • Deeper sleep, waking up feeling well rested

  • Deeper meditations, inner stillness, a quiet mind,

  • Mental clarity, improved focus and ability to concentrate

  • Restore gut microbiome - healthy gut bacteria

  • Removal of toxic load, preparing the body for deeper healing

  • Reduce stress hormones, more optimistic about the future 

  • Reduce inflammation, improved circulation

  • Allergic symptoms improve or disappear

  • Joint pain improves or disappears

  • Deeper connection to nature and spirit, letting go of what no longer serves



  • Pre and Post one on one up consultation

  • 10 Emails/Videos to support you on your journey each day

  • Email support throughout your journey

  • Detox Guide on to prepare, start your day, what to expect and how to navigate the journey.

  • A sample menu of what to eat and a list of what to avoid for optimal support in detoxification, gut, brain and cellular cleansing.

  • Supplement list to support detoxification, healing and upgrade of brain function. 

  • Detox Essentials protocol to support the process

  • Body care and ​detox bath rituals

  • Shamanic based practices to balance the body and mind 

  • Tips on how to connect with nature

  • How to reintroduce certain foods to test for allergies

  • How to fuel your brain on the good fats, when to eat carbs and fruit sugars

















The foods you will be eating do not require a prescription, they carry no side effects or warnings and no addictive qualities. They are Earths Medicine pure and simple.

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