MAY 4th-9th 2020

Shamanic Wisdom ~ Yoga ~ Ceremony ~ Nature

Rituals and Ceremonies to Dream Your World into Being

You are invited to take a sacred journey

to the beaches of Tulum in Mexico.

You will be transported to a magical location where the Jungle meets the Caribbean Sea, for a unique experience where reconnection and renewal takes on a whole new meaning.

Experience the Magic of  Mayan Medicine:


  • Rituals to nourish your spirit and feed your soul, creating a foundation to live an inspired life.

  • Traditional Mayan Fire & Cacao Ceremonies, that bring forth healing, insights, clarity and wisdom.

  • Wisdom teachings that unlock new ways of thinking, being and living your life.

  • Temazcal. Break free from the limitations of the past, overcome fear, step powerfully into your future.

  • Excursions that open your mind, connect you to nature and the wisdom keepers of the Maya.

  • Disconnect to reconnect with your true essence and live in alignment with nature and the elements. 

  • Sound Healing and plant based foods for grounding, cleansing and rebalancing the body and mind.

There comes a time when we must remove ourselves from what is familiar,
to let go, in order to truly grow.

We retreat to an unfamiliar environment, and connect to something that is
greater than ourselves
and the circumstances of our lives.
We slow down, we create space within us, 
and we begin to listen.

We receive insight from our experiences in nature and guidance from the energy of the sacred land and we begin to transform into the amazing beings we are
meant to be.

This retreat gives you the opportunity to experience growth in a beautiful and tangible way,
You will leave feeling
lighter, inspired, supported, nourished, nurtured and ready for to live your best life.





Imagine...falling asleep to the sound of the ocean and waking up in the midst of the flora and fauna of the jungle.

You step out into the magical surroundings of a natural oasis in paradise, a sanctuary that is guided by the principles of nature, eco-conscious art and the ancestral wisdom of the Maya.

You take a deep breath as you gaze at the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea, pure white sand beaches and as you exhale, you begin to tap into a unique kind of peace, where you simply live only for today.

After your morning meditation on the beach and gentle Yoga practice,

you make your way along a steppingstone path, through an environment that cultivates presence and the awareness of the healing powers of nature.
You sit down and enjoy a soul-nourishing breakfast, and get to know your new tribe of soul sisters who are on this journey with you before you head to the Dome for the wisdom teachings of the day and intention setting for your new life.

At night, you sit on the beach looking up at the stars. You smile as a medicine woman hands you a cup of Mexican Cacao and it warms your heart and soothes your soul. The spirit of the fire becomes your teacher and the wisdom of the Mayan Calendar, awakens the ancestral bond between you, nature and spirit.

A candle lit pathway leads you back to your room, and as you lay your head down and tune into the sounds of the ocean, you reflect upon the experiences of the entire day and you begin to surrender to what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.




Each day in paradise on this spiritual journey,
returns you back to what is essential,
what it is that truly feeds your soul,
fuels your creativity and makes you come alive.

You will witness and experience the beauty and healing power
of the elements of nature and how they operate in and around us.

Your creativity will be inspired and you will learn new ways of thinking and being as you engage in each ceremony.
Each daily journey building on the next, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, restored and realigned. 

Our Fire Ceremonies will be led by Mizraim, a 7th generation Medicine Woman. 

We will be working with ‘nahuales’, the ‘energies’ present in the Mayan Cosmovision as they relate to each day of our retreat, and you will receive a reading to get your personal Mayan Sign to guide you back home to your truth.


The ‘energy’ of the day will support our work and enhance your experience.
Free yourself from that voice that tells you that you are not quite ready to live the life of your hopes and dreams and that keeps you stuck in the thoughts of your past, lost in the present and projecting fearfully into the future. 


There will be lots of love, laughter, connection, sharing, listening, bonding, dancing, singing, music, sunbathing and playing in the ocean, not to mention the beautiful surroundings to lift your spirits and bring more joy and bliss into your life.



~Debbie Ford


Tulum, Mexico

TULUM is a magical town on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. A natural spiritual haven and eco-conscious destination with spectacular wildlife, numerous cenotes (underground sinkholes) sacred sites, lagoons, Yoga, spirituality, delicious cuisine and Mayan traditions. Tulum is known for its pristine white sandy beaches, warm transparent waters and the beautiful oceanfront ruins of the ancient Mayan walled city of Tulum.


In and around Tulum, you will see signs that motivate you to live your best life.  Including, "Stay Present", "Embrace the Mystery", "If Not Now, When" The most photographed one is “Follow That Dream!" posted along the road leading to the beach. 

This captures the essence of Tulum and my intention for you on this retreat.

“Creative design
that is conscious of the environment"

Your home for 5 nights will be the magical and mystical location of Azulik, an eco-friendly sanctuary for RECONNECTION and WELLNESS.

Azulik means ‘Wind’ in a local Mayan dialect and was built with respect for nature and the natural surroundings. The entire resort is constructed above the ground to protect the natural jungle below. It’s truly amazing!

This breathtaking location made from all-natural materials will bring you back home to nature and connecting to what is truly essential in your life.

This is a one of a kind experience, where your surroundings and the work we will do here, will activate and inform your five senses, inspire creativity and will open up the internal space for healing to create positive change in your life.

As well as being by the ocean, there are natural water pools and a Cenote on the property. These flowing water paths are considered sacred and create water mirrors that are said to cleanse the energy at Azulik and the water from the cenote also flows to the guest villas.

Every step you take in Azulik calls for an awareness and appreciation of nature and your innate connection to it, and it is delivered in a beautiful and luxurious way.

Azulik is ‘off the grid’ and lit by candlelight at night to avoid light pollution. This offers a serene and total ‘immersion into nature’ experience, and a resetting of the circadian rhythms in your body.

Throughout the resort, elevated wooden walkways wind between the freely growing trees, allowing you to appreciate the surrounding jungle. Each room is built in harmony with the Jungle and the Caribbean Sea bringing you into balance with yourself and nature.

Your Villas

The rooms aka 'Villas' at AZULIK are made from all-natural materials designed to create an atmosphere for rest and reconnection. They reduce the impact technology has on ourselves and the environment with no TV, electric light, Wifi or AC (Ceiling Fan included) in the rooms. (Wifi in select areas).

The have no showers as the belief is that ‘showers are for those with no time!’  Guests are encouraged to take time for a real bath in the beautiful handcrafted mosaic style tub in the room with a Coconut shell to rinse your cares away.


We have two options for your stay at Azulik - the Jungle Villa and the Mayan Villa.


Deeply connected to the land, the Jungle Villas are designed to enhance your feeling of reconnection with nature.

Handcrafted by local artisans, every decorative aspect of the Jungle Villas uses materials consciously sourced from this region to create a space that communicates simplicity and connection with our roots.


Jungle view, Oceanfront deck,

Extra King-Size bed,

Outdoor hot tub (natural Cenote water supply) Interior Mosaic Mayan bathtub

Ceiling fan, Safe for personal items

Artisanal Mosquito Net.
Lounge Chairs and a Terrace.


The Mayan Villas offer a gorgeous view of the jungle that grows around them. They honor the culture that inhabited this sacred land before us offering a new way to interact with the environment.


Their wooden terrace is perfect for coexisting with nature, while enjoying the outdoor hot tub. A place to feel embraced by nature, encircled by the majesty and exuberance of the jungle.


Jungle view, Oceanfront deck

Extra King Size bed

Outdoor hot tub (natural Cenote water supply), Interior and Exterior Mosaic Mayan bathtub,

Ceiling fan, Safe for personal items

Artisanal, Mosquito Net,

Lounge Chairs, Terrace, Living room. Terrace 

Conscious Cuisine at Cenote Restaurant

The concept of good mood food comes alive at the Cenote Restaurant.  You will be served three delicious meals a day, designed and prepared just for us by Azulik’s in house chef. Mexican inspired, plant based cuisine that captures the goodness of the tropics in every plate and the essence of the rainforest in every bite.

This unique menu will be designed to support and complement our experiences and will be vegan, gluten-free, nutrient-dense, superfood-rich and absolutely delicious!  You will be satisfied, nourished and energized by earth's medicine.

On our last night we will be dining at Kin Toh, Azulik's signature treetop restaurant in our own private ‘Nest’ that overlooks the Mayan jungle.  This fine dining experience with your tribe will have breathtaking views of the setting sun, symbolizing all we have released, Mayan-Mexican style Cuisine to give thanks to the cultural wisdom teachings that have supported our journey, and the treetop experience will represent the higher perspective of which we now view our lives.

Holistic Wellness at Azulik

Azulik also has a beautiful oceanside Mayan Wellness Center, with treatments based on the elements to soothe both body and soul. The facility uses all organic products and features a variety of authentic purification rituals based on ancient Mayan techniques. Even the traditional spa offerings incorporate therapies and remedies that help heal mind and body. The Wellness Center & Spa features a dome, that symbolizes positive energy and is the spiritual heart of the resort. (Spa services are optional and not included in the retreat).

“In the receiving of ancestral wisdom lies the possibility
of healing both our body and spirit"


~ John Muir


  • Each morning, we will gather on the beach for meditation and/or breath work followed by gentle and awakening
    Yin Yoga with Azulik Yoga Instructors

  • After a delicious and energizing superfood breakfast, we will gather in circle for daily teachings, sharing, listening or/and activity in nature to bring your personality into alignment with your soul.
    *During this time, bonds are formed, friendships are made, healing happens and we realize that although we are all so different, we are actually the same. Connection brings healing and in the sharing and listening, we receive a powerful dose of medicine for the entire group and tools to support our personal growth.

  • Enjoy a gourmet lunch on site, followed by free time to relax, sunbathe, explore, hang out with your soul sisters, journal, or enjoy an optional healing treatment at the in-house Wellness Center and Spa.

  • In the evenings we will gather around the fire for Ceremonies led by Shaman Mizraim, diving deep into the heart centered teachings of the Mayan Cosmovision. Participate in rituals to let go of all that no longer serves us, and call in gratitude and healing.  These simple but powerful practices, can clear, cleanse and reveal what’s been holding you back from stepping into your greatness and from moving forward in your life.

  • End the day dining together in community, being nourished by the food and those around us. You are then free to take a stroll on the beach under the stars or rest and simply be.

  • Cultivate a deep connection to nature and to yourself. Day by day you’ll craft a new vision for yourself and your life as your mind and body becomes clear.

  • Experience first-hand what makes Tulum Mexico one of the top destinations for those seeking spiritual growth and healing, rich culture, beauty and the magic and mystery of the Maya.


  • See monkeys and other wildlife how they life in their natural surrounds. 

  • Exploration of sacred waters with opportunity to swim in a hidden Cenote.

  • A visit to a Mayan Village to see how they practice permaculture and living sustainably off the land.

  • Try the local honey at the Melipona Bee Farm Project!

  • Receive an energy cleansing with the Shaman of the Village.

  • See how they make authentic corn Tortillas and they will prepare a delicious plant based lunch for us!

  • End the day with a bike ride along a sandy path through the Jungle to Coba, an ancient Mayan Temple.
    As we climb this temple, we understand that life is a journey. It requires strength, stamina and faith in ourselves and our abilities.
    As we watch the setting Sun from the top of the Mayan Temple, we see all possibilities for our lives from this higher perspective and we bid farewell to all that binds us from our truth.​

This is so much more than a vacation in Tulum or a Yoga retreat.
This is your opportunity to get clear and in alignment with what you really want, step into your power and get into the flow of your life as a mother, daughter, sister, friend, leader or entrepreneur.




  • Group Airport Transfers - We provide return airport transportation to and from Cancun Airport to Tulum. (Approx. 1.5 hours journey). You may have to wait for others to arrive depending on your flight time. I will send arrival suggestions

  • Beachfront Accommodations at the world renowned Azulik eco-resort.

  • Private Jungle or Mayan Villa - bath only, no showers. (It’s time to slow down!)

  • Organic Meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, including a celebration fine dining experience at the tree top restaurant ‘Kin Toh', overlooking the jungle

  • 3 Traditional Mayan FIRE Ceremonies on the beach with 7th generation Shaman/Mayan Medicine Woman

  • Traditional Mayan Cacao Ceremony - The essence and medicine of LOVE

  • WATER ~ Ceremony at the Ocean for cleansing, offerings, blessing, renewal

  • EARTH ~ Temazcal - for overcoming fears, emotional healing & release

  • AIR/SPIRIT ~ Visit to Sacred Temple Coba, Lunch at Mayan Village

  • Visit to the innovative SFER ‘IK Contemporary Art Museum. See how nature can inspire your creativity and beauty

  • Mayan Sound Healing Ceremony at ‘AZULIK UH MAY’ a beautiful and multi-sensory Eco-Village. (includes with gourmet lunch)

  • Visit to Natural Cenote and Swim in the crystal clear underground waters

  • Daily Meditation & Yoga & Practices to keep your energy flowing and creating space to integrate our experiences

  • A take home packet with practices & recipes for you to continue at home

  • Free time to unwind, relax or explore Tulum, integrate and be YOU!


  • Airfare and baggage fees.

  • Taxi to Azulik from Cancun Airport, if you decide not to take the Transportation provided.

  • Taxis taken in your free time in an around Tulum.

  • Gratuity for Tour Guides, Drivers & Hotel Staff.

  • Personal spending money, phone calls, Spa services and tips.

  • Personal, Medical or Travel Insurance and expenses - Policy Recommended.

  • Additional attractions, activities, events not mentioned in the trip description.

  • Additional food, drink outside of meals provided.

  • Private Consultations or Healing Sessions with me or Mizraim


Optional Healing/Spa Services. (Additional Fee at Azulik Wellness Center):

  • Massage

  • Mayan Healing Treatments

  • Bike Rental

  • Events outside of the program


Booking Deposit// $500

This deposit will reserve your room and place on the retreat, and is non-refundable.

The remainder of the total will be due on or before March 15, 2020.

Payment Plan Options



1 x Payment: PAY IN FULL



2 x Payment : Make a $500 Deposit. Second payment due within 4 weeks.



3 x Payments: Make a $500 non-refundable deposit. Second Payment within 4
weeks. Third payment due by March 15th



Due to the coordination and requirements of our vendors on this journey, the following cancellation policy is in effect.


  • A $500 non-refundable deposit is due upon registration and will secure your place on the retreat and your Villa of choice will be reserved for you at Azulik.

  • Trip cancellation notifications must be made by midnight on February 14th and sent via email for 100% of your payments to be reimbursed minus initial non-refundable deposit. Minus a 10% processing fee.

  • The total cost of the trip (after the initial deposit) must be made and paid in full by midnight on March 15th, 2020. Cancellations made after this date will be 100% NON-Refundable.


Trip Cancellation and Medical insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans. You can use World Nomads Travel Insurance, Travel Guard Insurance or online and choose from several policy options to cover trip cancellations and medical insurance.

Any questions please reach out to



After Living and traveling throughout Guatemala and Mexico for three months when I was 19 years old, I got the travel bug pretty bad and spent the next 8 years traveling the world as a British Airways Flight Attendant in London England, before moving to the US in 2003.

During my travels I have had the opportunity to stay in amazing locations in all four corners of the globe and on every continent and have taken some pretty epic adventures.
Over the past three years, I have focused my travels on family vacations and many solo retreats in Central and South America and the Caribbean. These trips have enriched, empowered and totally changed my life and now I want the same for you!

I am dedicated practitioner of Holistic Health, Yoga, Spirituality and Alternative Health. I truly believe that food is Earth's Medicine and that for every ailment there is a plant, bush, bark, leaf or fruit out in nature to heal it, and I am living proof!

My passion for education and learning have taken me to places far and wide. I have had the honor and pleasure to study with well known Teachers and Shamans in the areas of Nutrition, Mind Body Medicine and the Shamanic Healing Arts.

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef, Yoga Teacher and Shamanic Energy Practitioner and Shamanic Reiki Healer.

I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, Kula Collective, The Four Winds Light Body School and Collette Baron Reid Oracle Card School.  I am now adding Transformational Retreats to my services to bring these teachings together as we all learn grow and heal together through this precious journey called Life.

I have so much to share with you and hope you will join me on retreat!


Join me

in Tulum!

"I came to Hyacinth during a very difficult time in my life looking for spiritual guidance, healing and to help me manifest a new reality. 

From our first session, her genuine and effortless warmth made me feel at ease. She carefully walked me through the cacao ceremony and then patiently listened to my story. Her empathy and wisdom allowed me to open up to her in a way that I was not able to do with other people or professionals and shifted my perception of what my life could be. What I thought was a black and white reality suddenly filled with color. Through her teachings with the Medicine Wheel, the Four Directions, chakra work, and more, the blockages that I had in my life suddenly started to flow. I became more aware of my surroundings, nature and the subtle blessings that surround me daily. 

I am able to live my life more fully than I could before and I have the confidence and tools to cope with whatever comes my way. I am able to be more present, appreciate the beauty around me, and to listen to my intuition and the signs from nature. Words cannot do justice for the help that Hyacinth has given me as a teacher and healer. She has given me the gift of being able to recognize the potential that is within me and to be grateful for the help that is surrounding me. I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Hyacinth! "

- Andrea S

2018 Earth Medicine Healing

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