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10 Day Detox and Cleansing Program.


Learn how to detox your body by awakening the antioxidant and repair systems in your body. Learn what to eat, when to eat and what to avoid to begin to switch on the longevity genes inside your cells that have been laying dormant due to an overload of toxins in our bodies. 


The Results:

Reduced inflamation in the body, improved digestion, increased energy, mental clarity, creating the conditions in your body for healing, clear skin, ideal weight, improvement and discover true allergens, sensitivites and overal health. 


Hand-held guidance through the Grow a New Body Program as designed by Shaman and Medical Anthropoligist Dr Alberto Villoldo.


Dr Villoldo has designed a program on how to detoxify your body, repair your brain, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Our bodies have become toxified due to our diets, our environments, and our lifestyles. As a result, many of our bodies’ self-repair systems have shut down. But we can reverse these effects by combining energy medicine practices, shamanic healing, and a healthier diet.

Clean food, water, and air, as well as efficient energy medicine, can help grow a new, more efficient body and trigger your body’s repair mechanisms.


As a Holistic Nutritionist, Graduate of Dr Villoldo's Energy Medicine School