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Embark on an Epic 40 Day Journey around the Medicinal Wheel.

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40 Day Transformation - Online

  • Earth Medicine Healing's 40 Day Transformation program dives deep into all aspects of our Earth Medicine Healing practices.


    Includes the 10 Day Detox, the ultimate fuel for your personal journey.

    How to incorprate Shamanic spiritual practices and a daily Cacao self love rituals. 


    Reset your health, Renew the parts of your brain that are keeping you stuck, and Restore your natural energy, enthusiasm for life and connection with nature.


    A true mind, body and spirit journey. This program allows enough time for you to deeply experience Earth Medicine Healing and to receive guided support from me.  


    INCLUDED: Weekly check-in and Medicine Wheel insight Zoom sessions, email support and the 40 Day Transformation Downloaded Guide with step by step instructions and everything you need to navigate your journey.


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