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Hand-held guidance through the Grow a New Body Program as designed by Shaman and Medical Anthropoligist Dr Alberto Villoldo.


Dr Villoldo has designed a program on how to detoxify your body, repair your brain, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Our bodies have become toxified due to our diets, our environments, and our lifestyles. As a result, many of our bodies’ self-repair systems have shut down. But we can reverse these effects by combining energy medicine practices, shamanic healing, and a healthier diet.

Clean food, water, and air, as well as efficient energy medicine, can help grow a new, more efficient body and trigger your body’s repair mechanisms.


As a Functional Nutritionist and assistant to Dr Villoldo. I will guide and support you through this 30 Day Program. 


If you have questions regarding the program message me, and I will be happy to assist. A 10 Day and a 7 day in person retreat in Mexico is available.


The Program Includes:


  • 4 x weekly check-in support calls 
  • Shamanic Energy Medicine healing session to remove energetic blockages
  • Recommended hydration levels for optimal cleansing
  • Daily mind, body shamanic and detox practices to enhance your experience
  • Unlimited email access for questions during the program
  • Advice on all aspects of the program inc supplementation, intermittant fasting, what to eat/not to eat, How to prepare, what to do post detox to avoid re-tox and how to continue and stick with your new found levels of energy and vitality!

30 Day Online Detox Program - Guided

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