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This is a discovery session where you can share your health concerns, challenges and goals with me, and I will advise you on the nutritional gaps in your diet and the lifestyle choices that support these areas including exercise, mindfulness and meditation.


I will then come up with a personalized program if you choose to work with me, to help you to take the guess work out of healthy eating and living that suits your needs. 


I support my clients in:

Detox and cleansing programs

Reducing inflammation

Hydration and cellular cleansing

Introduction to plant based diets and raw foods

Eating for overall wellness and vitality

Increasing mental focus

Increasing energy levels

Acheiveing ideal weight


Juicing for alkalinity and 3, 5 and 7 day juice cleanses 

Adaptogenic tonics and herbal plant based medicine to facilitate increased performance, concentration, meditation and spiritual connection. 

Nutritional Consultation

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