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A sacred ritual and journey into the heart. Step outside of time and take a shamanic journey to the silence within, to discover who you are, where you are going and all the opportunities available to you.

Sacred Cacao Ceremony

  • All cancellations must be given 48 hours or more before the ceremony to receive a full refund.

    If you cannot cancel within this time period, you can gift your place to a freind or donate it to someone in our 'Earth Medicine Healing' community.

    • Eat your last meal 2 hours before the Ceremony.
    • Set a personalized intention/desire for your ceremony of what you would like to release or manifest in your life.
    • Yoga mat, blanket, water bottle, journal for processing and a pillow for additional comfort if desired.
    • If taking any SSRI's or MAOI's or Pregnancies please let me know upon registration.
    • Arrive 10 mins before to settle in and so we can all open sacred space together and connect.