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Private Medicine Wheel and Cacao Plant Medicine Program.

Personalized journey just for you and your major life concerns.

We work together each week to shift your perception, let go of your story and to uncover your true self. I will guide you on a journey around the shamanic medicine wheel (a mythic map of transformation) to heal and release the wounds of the past.


Read the Semillas description in the Events sction of this site to see full program details.


A powerful, supportive and life changing program.


Available online or in Montclair NJ.

Private 5 week Medicine Wheel Journey

  • The Shamanic Medicine Wheel, is a map that can help you to naviagate the circumstances and events in your life, create change and bring in the new. 


    Comprising of the energetic forces all around us that are grounded in each of the cardinal directions, the South, West, East, North, as well as above (the Heavens) and below (the Earth) and within (the soul)

    Each week we will 'sit' in each direction on the Medicine Wheel beginning in the South.


    You are already 'sitting' in one right now depending on what you’re currently experiencing. For example, you may be in the West regarding your life purpose. West on the Medicine Wheel teaches us about being courageous, intention and how releasing your attachments is necessary for the freedom to create something new. Each direction represents choices and lessons that can be aquired to help you release or manifest.


    Ultimately the Medicine Wheel is a map that can show you the best path to take and where a course correction is necessary for you to reach your desired destination with love, as a witness and without judgment.

  • All sales are Final.

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