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Medicine Wheel Circles 

The Shamanic Medicine Wheel 

The Medicine Wheel is a sacred map that can help you to create new direction and purpose in your life. It creates the opportunity for change, growth, healing and deepens your relationship with yourself, spirit and connects you with nature. 


The energetic forces all around us are grounded in each of the 4 cardinal directions, the North, South, East and West, as well as above (the Sky) and below (the Earth) and within (the Soul). Each week we will 'sit' in one of the directions on the Medicine Wheel, beginning in the South. Consider that based on what you are currently experiencing in your life, health issues, feeling stuck, a major life or relationship change or lack of purpose, that you are already living in the 'energetics' of one of the 4 directions.


When you journey around the Medicine Wheel, you discover how to use the elements of each direction to create, release and manifest. Your work on the wheel can show you the best path to take or where a course correction is necessary for you to reach your desired destination. Your journey is made with love, gratitude, compassion and as a witness, without guilt or judgment for where you are right now.

We will gather in sacred circle each week to explore, learn, share, laugh, create community and express our emotions. Cacao, card decks, sage, drumming, journeys, rituals, mantras, music, meditations, and much more are shared each week, to help you to uncover your heart's desire and to create a new direction and purpose in your life, all with the support of the sacred circle community and the elements of nature.


Expect to get to experience yourself and nature on a whole new level! Create positive change, increase your intuition, strengthen your connection to spirit, cultivate self love, courage and the ability to create your own healing rituals are just a few of the benefits of this program. 

The Medicine Wheel Circle will be open to limited amount of participants. 

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