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Embracing a New Mythology

Embracing a New Mythology


Meet Hyacinth... 

Earth Medicine Healing Founder

HELLO! My name is Hyacinth,


Over the past 20 years, I have been dedicated to the arts of Holistic Nutrition, Shamanism, and Spiritual Growth.

I truly believe that food is Earth's Medicine and nature is our laboratory for healing. For every ailment there is a plant, bush, bark or leaf to heal it, and I am living proof!

My passion for education and the indigenous healing arts have taken me to Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ibiza, California, New York, and London. I have had the honor and pleasure to study with well-known Teachers and Shamans in the areas of Nutrition, Mind-Body Medicine and Shamanism.

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef, Yoga Teacher, and Shamanic Energy Practitioner. I am currently completing my studies in Functional Medicine and Herbalism for Women. 

I have studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, Kula Collective, The Four Winds Society and Dr Aviva Romm

I was initially led to this path through curiosity and wanting to live a healthier lifestyle but the great spirit had a bigger plan for me. They often say the Shamanic Path is one of a wounded healer and although I no longer experience my self as wounded, I spent years looking for answers after a series of life events brought me to my knees.

It wasn't until I stopped searching outside of myself for the answers and returned to what I now call Earths Medicine Healing that things really started to shift, both internally and externally. 

I used plant medicines such as Medicinal Mushrooms and functional nutrition to reprogram my cells and heal an autoimmune disease. 

Yoga and meditation helped to reduce stress and quiet my mind where I was able to truly meet myself for the first time.

Through the ancient shamanic wisdom practices I learned to let go of my story, I connected deeply to nature, opened my heart and stepped into my power,
It was only then that I was able to truly heal and to create a whole new experience of living a life I love.

This journey has taken me from just sharing my passion for healthy foods to living and sharing what my Shamanic Teacher Alberto Villoldo calls, The Four Insights: the way of The Hero, The Luminous Warrior, The Seer and The Sage.

I am here to share these teachings, this medicine of the soul that connects humanity back to the nature within and without. My intention is to support you in healing and releasing the past so that you can live a full and magical life, doing what you love and loving what you do with a healthy body, open heart and an awakened mind.

I travel the world, doing what I love and loving what I do, and look forward to co-creating this journey with you. 


Hyacinth Mills


Hyacinth Mills

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