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Work with Cacao

Open your heart and return the planet and yourself to a state of harmony.


A profound Ceremony that creates a sacred space for you to connect with your heart, receive insight and to experience soul level healing.
Feel held, heard and leave empowered to take the next steps on your journey, with the support and guidance from the heart of earth and her medicine. 

Cacao Ceremony, Retreats, Hyacinth Nadine

My journey with Cacao . . .

I had my first sip of Cacao in ceremony in 2015 and have been cultivating a ceremonial relationship ever since. Working with Cacao has been a source of medicine, deep joy and abundance for me throughout the most difficult and also the most amazing times of my life, and I am grateful to have received and answered the calling to work with Cacao.

Ceremony Temazcal
There is a Mayan legend that states...
“whenever there is an imbalance between humans and nature, cacao comes out of the rainforest to open our hearts and to return the planet to a state of harmony”

I have learned from the Mayan elders in Guatemala and feel honored to have received permission to share Cacao in ceremony.

Within my Jamaican heritage, Cacao is drunk as a warm beverage and also as a heart healing medicine at funerals. My family have Cacao trees on their land and harvest and prepare in the traditional way in the countryside of Jamaica.

Cacao is part of my spiritual practice and a guiding light in my life and I'd love to share it with you!

Image by Julian Hanslmaier

"I came across Hyacinth at the perfect time to help me connect with feminine energy through sacred Cacao ceremonies.


Her knowledge of the history of Cacao and the Goddess Cacao was vast and she helped me learn quickly how to integrate this practice into my daily life.   Her teaching style is simple, transparent and very loving. I was able to feel the passion she had for these teachings which was inspiring.  The benefits of the Cacao were quick and obvious, giving me a heart centered start to every day.  She was available to me while I navigated this new arena and I look forward to learning more through her with nutrition classes so I am a clearer vessel for my spiritual path."



"I went to a most extraordinary cacao ceremony last night


hosted by the beautiful and soulful Hyacinth Mills at Shakti Yoga & living arts in Maplewood. So many insights."

Stephanie Penn Virot

"Truly a beautiful experience. My heart is still full.


Thank you for the emphasis on setting an intention that led to my intense connection to the healing medicine of cacao."




During a group ceremony, you will gather with me, Cacao and others in a sacred ceremony circle, where you have the opportunity to drop into a space of presence, reflection, and self-awareness. You will open your inner eyes and ears and listen, maybe even for the first time to your heart, so you can begin to develop an understanding of the circumstances and events in your life.


You will release into the fire what no longer serves you, and as you sip the cacao, you will remember and honor your ancestors, your connection to nature and to all living beings.

The ceremony is guided by the energy of the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar and the ancient wisdom teachings of the Q'ero shamans from Peru. Our Shamanic Oracle card deck reveals your intentions and acts as a compass enriching the experience. A powerful combination to guide you back home into your heart.

Contact me to experience with your group.




‘Learn how to connect and work intentionally with the heart-opening (non-psychedelic) plant spirit of Cacao, as a ritual practice in your own private at home ceremonies.

In our sessions you will learn about the plant, so revered by the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. From its nutritional support for heart and brain health, to its mood and creativity-boosting properties. Your time with me extends beyond the physical benefits, delving into the ceremonial history and the deep spiritual aspects of cacao and how it can bring much beauty, presence, and abundance to all areas of your life.

I will then take you step by step through where to buy ceremonial grade cacao, how to prepare cacao.
How to set up your altar, open sacred space and how to intentionally be in sacred ceremony with Cacao.

Cacao can help bring your heart and energy back into balance and is a great potentiator for other plants such as adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms that can help buffer stress and support immune and mental health. 

There are many possibilities. It's a personalized approach based on your intentions and needs that you will share with me on our discovery call.

My goal is to create the foundation for you to cultivate your own practice. Your direct relationship with the spirit of cacao will eventually become your guide. A beautiful ally that will nurture and nourish you each and every time.


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