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Spiritual Mentorship

Personal guidance rooted in psychology, spirituality and earth-based spiritual practices

Have you found yourself:

  • Navigating the challenging waters of a dark night of the soul.

  • Getting to grips with a recent health diagnosis or chronic fatigue.

  • Facing the complexities of love and relationships?

  • Dealing with loss or betrayal?

  • Perhaps you're feeling the call to reinvent yourself and start over?

  • Feeling unfulfilled in your career and life?

  • Undergoing a profound spiritual awakening and not sure how to handle it?

Hyacinth Nadine

If you resonate with any of these questions and seek personal guidance rooted in psychology, spirituality and earth-based spiritual practices, then my mentorship program is right for you.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

What is a Spiritual Mentorship?

Spiritual Mentorship is a personalized and holistic approach to healing that extends beyond traditional life coaching that tends to focus on the mind and action-oriented to-do lists, and incorporates spirituality, metaphysics and brings nature-based elements and ancient wisdom teachings into the coaching process. It is a deeper journey of self-inquiry and a reconnection back to your true essence in order to live and create from a place of balance and wholeness.

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The role of a spiritual coach is to help individuals connect with their inner selves, explore their consciousness, purpose and meaning in life, and navigate their spiritual journey here on earth as a human being. Not always an easy one!

This may involve addressing questions and engaging in practices related to personal growth, relationships, life transitions, and the pursuit of fulfillment. Spiritual coaching incorporates practices beyond meditation, mindfulness and yoga and includes other techniques that facilitate self-awareness and spiritual awakening and a remembering of the true essence of Self, their personal value as a man or a woman and a return to to the heart of the earth, the heart is the Sky and their own heart and soul.

Clients seeking spiritual coaching may be going through significant life changes, seeking a deeper understanding of themselves, or looking for guidance on a spiritual path. The coaching process is collaborative, empowering individuals to tap into their own inner wisdom and make decisions aligned with their spiritual values. Overall, spiritual coaching aims to foster a sense of inner peace, purpose, and alignment with one's spiritual beliefs in the midst of life's challenges and transitions.

Image by Julian Hanslmaier

"I came to Hyacinth during a very difficult time in my life looking for spiritual guidance, healing and to help me manifest a new reality. 

From our first session, her genuine and effortless warmth made me feel at ease. She carefully walked me through the cacao ceremony and then patiently listened to my story. Her empathy and wisdom allowed me to open up to her in a way that I was not able to do with other people or professionals and shifted my perception of what my life could be. What I thought was a black and white reality suddenly filled with color. Through her teachings with the Medicine Wheel, the Four Directions, chakra work, and more, the blockages that I had in my life suddenly started to flow. I became more aware of my surroundings, nature and the subtle blessings that surround me daily. 

I am able to live my life more fully than I could before and I have the confidence and tools to cope with whatever comes my way. I am able to be more present, appreciate the beauty around me, and to listen to my intuition and the signs from nature. Words cannot do justice for the help that Hyacinth has given me as a teacher and healer. She has given me the gift of being able to recognize the potential that is within me and to be grateful for the help that is surrounding me. I cannot recommend her enough! Thank you Hyacinth! "

Andrea S

"I've had the honor of working with Hyacinth, both privately and in her group Cacao sessions.


I've cried, laughed and released. She is an incredible healer who is committed to her own personal growth and development. I am so grateful that she shares her Light with us."

Judie Almonte Hurtado

"Hyacinth Mills is truly gifted in the healing arts.


With her guidance, her creativity, her nutrition know-how, her intuition, she held space for my growth and transformation. In private ceremony, in deep discussions, in expansive journeying, Hyacinth embodied wisdom, compassion, the energy of change, and a vision for my highest. I am forever grateful."

Cate Bailey, Montclair Kundalini Yoga

I offer clear, practical and easy-to-use tools that take you from where you are today to where you want to be. You will learn how to create a daily practice that will holistically support and elevate your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Together we will plant the seeds and unearth new possibilities and a whole existence for you and the new life that you will dream into being.

Let's embark on this beautiful journey together -

You do the work, and I'll be your guiding light. Schedule a call to explore if I am the right spiritual guide and healer for you.

It's time for you to grow and to heal and to live the life you came here to live.

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