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Shamanic Energy
Medicine Healing

Change your Vibration ~ Change your Life

 Release the emotions attached to traumatic events, so that deeper healing can take place.

Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing is done via the energy field, where the vibration of an emotional wound (an imprint) resides. The practitioner dissolves, removes or extracts the build-up of the emotions and blockages that have been holographically stored in the energetic layer of our body. A download of limiting beliefs through our chakras, that affect the nervous system.

When these ‘imprints’ are not tended to they begin to manifest in our lives or our physical body, usually triggered by a shock to the system, such as the loss of a loved one, the end of a meaningful relationship, a stressful move, a job loss or an accident. The imprints are activated or get ‘double-clicked’ on like an icon on our computer by an event so that they can be worked on and healed.

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Energetic imprints can show up as a health diagnosis, auto-immunity, digestive issues, a dysfunctional relationships or friendships that we are tied up in, unsupportive behavioral patterns, chronic fatigue, and more. The shamans have known for millennia that when we change our energy, we can change our lives and that is what this healing modality does.

Shamanic Energy Medicine is a beautiful and effective way to find relief by working at a level of our soul. Our souls are more available and ready for change than our human minds, and the impacted emotions held in our body, so as Shamanic practitioner, I work at the level of energy and allow this new vibration to naturally inform the mind, the emotions and the physical body.

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