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40 Day Transformation

Your Epic Journey to Wellness


Are you a Yogi, Spiritual Seeker, Practitioner, or Health Care professional whose health has taken a back seat?

Are you a fast-paced, Corporate Executive seeking balance and a practice to bring a sense of calm and inner peace?

Are you facing challenges in your health and looking for a healing path that is more connected to nature and healing at the root cause rather than just focusing on quick fixes, pills, and the latest diet?

Do you have problems focusing, completing tasks, remembering where you left your keys, difficulty meditating, or lack creativity?

Do you want to learn how to rewire your brain for joy, creativity, and possibility, instead of fear and scarcity, and suffering?

Do you long to eat foods that will elevate your energy, bring out your natural body shape, and contribute to your health?






Earth Medicine Healing's 40 Day Transformation program dives deep into all aspects of our Earth Medicine Healing practices.

Like the Hummingbird, the Shamanic bird of freedom who migrates from brazil to Canada every year, you will embark on an epic journey of your own that has the potential to transform every aspect of your life.

You will experience the science-based dietetics of the10 Day Detox, the grounding, and awakening of Shamanic Spiritual Practices, and the heart-centered insight and connection gained with your own personalized Cacao Ceremonies.


As in the10 Day Detox, you will push the Reset button on your health, you will Renew the parts of your brain that are keeping you stuck, unfocused and unproductive, and will Restore your natural energy, enthusiasm for life, and connection with nature. 

As your whole system comes into balance you will look, feel, and think differently. You will begin to make better food and lifestyle choices that will support you in every area of your life. 

A true mind, body, and spirit journey. This program allows enough time for you to experience Earth Medicine Healing and receive guided support from me and the rest of the group.  

We will journey through a direction of the Shamanic Medicine Wheel every 10 days to support your journey in letting go of all that no longer serves, finding the courage to let it all go, creating a vision for your future, and then finally in the East taking flight, feeling lighter and with more clarity and wisdom.


If you know deep down inside that it's time for radical change and deep self-care take the 40-day journey with me. I will walk with you every step of the way! It involves your commitment and readiness to embark upon a journey but what awaits at the other end is magical!

  • Establish new neural networks, brain plasticity. When we repair our brain and heal our toxic emotions we can move towards a state of personal health and wellbeing.

  • A new mindset and experience around how, when, and what to eat to create and support optimal health & brain function. 

  • Feeling 'clean', energized, and lighter

  • Deeper sleep, waking up feeling well-rested

  • Deeper meditations, inner stillness, a quiet mind,

  • Mental clarity, improved focus, and ability to concentrate

  • Restore gut microbiome - healthy bacteria

  • Removal of toxic load, preparing the body for deeper healing

  • Reduce stress hormones 

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Allergic symptoms improve or disappear

  • Joint pain improves or disappears

  • A deeper connection to nature and spirit

  • 10 Day Detox Program

  • How to start your day, what to expect, and how to navigate the journey.

  • Supplement list to support detoxification, healing, and to awaken your brain. 

  • A sample menu of what to eat and a list of what to avoid for optimal support in detoxification, gut, brain, and cellular cleansing.

  • Body care and ​detox bath rituals

  • Pre and Post follow up consultation

  • Weekly Zoom Call 

  • Daily email support.

  • Private Facebook Group

  • How to create Sacred Space to bring more presence and intention into your life

  • A Cacao Ceremony Starter Pack - good for 5 ceremonies 

  • Meditations to relieve stress and calm the mind 

  • Forgiveness practices

  • Dietary Practices for the 40 Day Journey

  • Supplement recommendations to upgrade and repair your brain 

  • Exercise recommendations to boost mitochondrial function

  • Shamanic Spiritual Practices

  • Maintenance Program

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