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40 Day Transformation

Your Epic Journey to Wellness

Earth Medicine Healing's 40 Day Transformation program dives deep into all aspects of our Earth Medicine Healing practices.
Like the Hummingbird, who migrates from South America to Canada every year, you will embark on an epic journey of your own that has the potential to transform every aspect your life.
Your journey begins with a 10 Day Detox, the ultimate fuel for your personal journey. Daily Shamanic and spiritual practices will keep you grounded and focused on your path and the heart centered insight gained with your own personalized Cacao Ceremonies will lead the way to your final destination of personal transformational from the inside out.
You will Reset your health, Renew the parts of your brain that are keeping you stuck, depressed, unfocused and unproductive and you will Restore your natural energy, enthusiasm for life and connection with nature.
As your whole system comes into balance you will look, feel and think differently. You will begin to make better food and lifestyle choices that will support you in every area of your life.
A true mind, body and spirit journey. This program allows enough time for you to deeply experience Earth Medicine Healing and to receive guided support from me.  
We will journey through each direction of the Shamanic Medicine Wheel every 10 days to support your journey in letting go of all that no longer serves in the South direction, finding the courage to let it all go in the West, creating a vision for your life in the North and then in the East where anything is possible, taking flight, feeling lighter with more clarity, wisdom and inspiration.
If you know deep down inside that it's time for a radical change, deep self care and healing, then take the 40 day journey with me. I will walk with you every step of the way! It involves your commitment and readiness to embark upon a journey but what awaits at the other end is magical!
  • All the benefits of the 10 Day Detox Program PLUS....

  • Learning how and what to eat to support your new found vision for your mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

  • Deep change in the major areas of your life, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

  • Improved relationships with yourself and others.

  • An understanding on what has been keeping you stuck in your life and how to let it all go and move forward.

  • Expand your ability to create, attract and manifest what you want in your life. Dreaming your world into being.

  • How to use the Medicine Wheel as a map for change and transformation.

  • How to shed the beliefs, habits and emotional patterns that no longer serves you

  • Ability to consciously solve your problems as they arise.

  • Increased intuition and awareness

  • Feeling 'clean', energized and lighter

  • Deeper meditations, inner stillness, a quiet mind

  • Deeper sleep, waking up feeling well rested

  • The entire10 Day Detox Program (See 10 Day Detox Page for full info)
  • How to start your day, what to expect and how to navigate the journey.
  • Supplement list to support detoxification, healing and to awaken your brain.
  • A sample menu of what to eat and a list of what to avoid for optimal support in detoxification, gut, brain and cellular cleansing.
  • Body care and ​detox bath rituals
  • Pre and Post follow up consultation
  • Weekly Zoom Call
  • Daily email support.
  • Private Facebook Group.
  • How to create Sacred Space to bring more presence and intention into your life.
  • A Cacao Ceremony Starter Pack - good for 5 sacred and personalized ceremonies.
  • Meditations to relieve stress and calm the mind.
  • Forgiveness practices.
  • Dietary Practices for the 40 Day Journey.
  • Shamanic Spiritual Practices
  • Resource guide on where to source supplements, shamanic tools, music and medicine songs.
  • Maintenance Program​ post 40 Day Journey.
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