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Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanic energy healing begins with the belief that when we bring greater order and harmony to the body, mind and spirit, we create the conditions for health and disease goes away.

Alberto Villoldo



Shamanic Energy Medicine is an ancient healing practice, first used by the indigenous medicine men and women around the world. Healing takes place at the energetic level of the body in the Luminous Energy Field that surrounds your physical body, also known as the Aura.

It is believed that that is where the imprints or recordings of all the physical, emotional and spiritual traumas are stored.

Usually triggered by a major life event, chronic stress or emotional trauma, these imprints can be activated and manifest in the physical body as chronic disease, inflammatory and auto-immune conditions, poor relationships, a desire for change, lack of energy and purpose, depression or a series of negative life experiences.

Shamanic Energy Practitioners believe that Your DNA is informed by the quality and health of your Luminous Energy Field and that by working directly with the energy of this field, we can clear and heal the imprints or pre-dispositions of disease, before they manifest in the physical body. Western Medicine however believes that your DNA is the blueprint of your health and that it is fixed which leaves you at the mercy of hereditary diseases.

My role as a Shamanic Energy Practitioner is to not only clear these imprints, but to guide you to understand what may have created them in the first place, allowing for both subtle and major shifts in your life and in your health.

This sacred healing technique opens up the possibility of co-creating a new map for your life, with a new perspective, new behaviors and a new belief system that can support you in living your best life. The journey is led by you! I will 'open the door' and hold sacred space, but ultimately you have to walk through and do the work.

I am not a doctor and do not carry a stethoscope a thermometer or prescription pad. I work with rattles, feathers, sacred smoke from sage and palo santo, cacao medicine, the elements and a medicine bundle called a Mesa that has been initiated into a lineage of healers.


The wisdom of my teachers come from the Laika a lineage of Q'ero Peruvian Shamans. Along with my Jamaican heritage and ancestors, I am honored to be a part of this beautiful lineage of medicine women and men who are stewards of the earth in service to all of life.

Reclaim your health and vitality
Strengthened immune system and ability to heal the body and mind
Release limited beliefs and stories of the past
Seeing the beauty in all things and recognizing life lessons
Heal your relationship with yourself and others
Developing a trust in your ability to create desired life changes
Step into your power and calling
A knowing that you are guided and protected by the force of life itself
Reconnection to yourself, to nature and your desired spiritual practice

I love to work with people who are ready to heal and to explore Shamanism as a path to transform their health and wellbeing on all levels. I am here to support you but It takes your full commitment, active participation and conscious effort for your journey to fully unfold.

Shamanic Energy Healing is not just for the sick. It's preventative care, a great way to rejuvenate, de-stress and to bring your body back into balance and alignment with the earth and energies that sustains you. It is complementary to other mind body, spiritual and religious practices and does not substitute medical diagnosis or treatment.


PHYSICAL HEALING:  Individual Energy Sessions​

The discovery of how and where disharmony is expressing itself in your mind, heart and body with an intuitive reading of your Luminous Energy Field. The 'Limpia', a cleaning and balancing of your energy centers and other Shamanic practices are applied as necessary. Recommendations are given.

You may apply cost of this session to a another package within 1 week of this session.  


EMOTIONAL HEALING: 3 Session Illumination

If you are experiencing a major life transition, healing crises or feeling out of balance in your life. This journey allows more time and space for deeper exploration, healing, reflection and integration for your next steps forward.

BONUS - Weekly email check-ins, 'Soulwork', and a personalized Cacao Ceremony to deepen your insight/healing journey.​


SPIRITUAL HEALING: 5 Session Soul Retrieval  

This journey takes you on a complete cycle of the Shamanic Medicine Wheel. Learning how to shed your past and heal your wounds, to step courageously beyond your story and walk with grace towards your new epic journey where the skies the limit!

Includes a Soul Retrieval process and the Bands of Power, Protection Rites to support the integration of this work.

BONUS  - Weekly email check-ins, 'Soulwork', personalized Cacao Ceremony to deepen your insight/healing journey. Herbal medicine teas or plant baths, Cacao sample pack for at home ceremonies, essential oils and dietary rituals included to enhance your healing.​

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