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March 21st-28th 2024 

In the heart of the Mayan Jungle, Tulum Mexico

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Metamorphosis is the ultimate holistic detox retreat, for those looking for a complete mind, body, and soul cleanse.

A unique program supported by three powerful pillars of transformation: Functional Nutrition, Energy Medicine Healing and Sacred Ceremony.


  • We include intermittent fasting, neuro-nutrients, and science-backed longevity practices to enhance the health and vitality of the physical body and the brain.

  • You will receive shamanic energy medicine sessions and intuitive body work, to cleanse and recalibrate your energy body.

  • You will experience beautiful earth based spiritual practices, learn indigenous wisdom teachings, and rituals in nature, to disconnect from the stress and trauma in your body and limiting beliefs in your mind.

  • You will realign with the rhythms of the natural world, as you remember the healing power of nature, movement and ceremony, to soothe, connect and heal your soul.

A holistic and transformative approach to detoxification that will change your life!  JOIN US!

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