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A Cacao Inspired Journey around the Medicine Wheel

Semillas (Seeds) is a 5 week journey of self awareness and personal transformation. It is based on the medicine wheel that grounds your spiritual practice to the four directions. You’ll learn how to heal your body and mind with herbal plant medicines and open your heart with Cacao. Through the art and ritual of ceremony,  you will be connected to the ancient shamanic wisdom teachings that lead to a life of joy, freedom from the past, connection to nature and feeling fully alive. 

What if I told you that there was a way to develop a spiritual practice and a lifestyle that allows you to heal from the wounds of the past, have the courage to let go of what never served you, and to turn these life lessons into medicine, into sources of power that set you free to envision and manifest the highest version of your best life?

Yes this is totally possible, why?

Because this is the path that I have been blessed to walk, to arrive at where I am today. 


You see 5 years ago, my life was in a totally different place, my relationships were in turmoil, my career dreams were shattered and my health and sense of self deteriorated.  I had what I thought was a strong spiritual practice but when my ‘wake-up call’ from the universe showed up a few months short of my 40th birthday, my clean diet, yoga practice, sporadic meditation practice and all the spiritual knowledge I had gained from the countless spiritual books I had read, were helpful and full of feel good affirmations, but they were not quite enough to pull me out of the sinking hole that I was in. 

I had ‘spiritual knowledge’ but not an embodied living practice. Big difference!


Once I had made the decision to surrender to the calling, to get out of my overthinking head and to take a soul-full journey into my heart, with the medicine wheel as my guide, only then, was I able to experience deep healing and transformation.


I was led by spirit on a deep spiritual journey that took me to the healing waters on the beaches of Mexico, Dominican Republic and Ibiza, the Ausangate Mountains and the Sacred Valley in Peru and the nutritional and Shamanic healing and sacred fire ceremonies at the home and retreat center of my teacher in Chile for deep mind body and spirit healing. 


Over the course of 3 years, I have trained in those locations in Yoga, Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training, Wild Women Circle Leader training and Shamanic Energy Medicine Healing.  I have sat and learned from Mayan Cacao Medicine and Tobacco Medicine Carriers from Guatemala and I have received Rites of Passage from indigenous Peruvian Shamans. 

I have sat in ceremony around the fire with Peruvian Maestros, who taught me the earth based practices of the Quero (the descendants of the incas) how to honor and come into a right relationship with the earth and the elements. I was also blessed to learn first hand from indigenous grandmothers how to use plant medicines to heal our bodies and to interpret our dreams. 


This entire journey was held, supported and guided by the teachings of the Medicine Wheel that I was taught and guided through by my teacher. 

This work found me when I needed it the most and I fully embraced it without even understanding what it really was. It just felt like the next step to take and each pathway and opportunity magically opened up, one after the next. Shamanism has changed my life and I feel truly blessed to have access to this wisdom and these life changing experiences. 


What I love about Shamanism is that you don’t have to change your religious or spiritual practices or beliefs. Although this is not a course to become a Shaman, Shamanism is practical, can be used by anyone from all walks of life, because it’s simply an earth based spiritual practice with no deities, no worship and no rules, just real life tangible and powerful practices that are accessible to all.


I truly believe that each one of these journeys were gifted to me as I let go of thinking that I had all the answers and seeking western medicine and returned to nature's pharmacy and elemental wisdom.

One cold and starry night in the Ausangate Mountains when I couldn't sleep, I received a message to "Heal my soul with plants". 

By this time, I knew that when spirit calls you must answer and so I did and continued to be led with ease on my healing journey. Part of this sacred contract was to take this knowledge and to lead others on their path to health and healing. So here I am today ready to lead, to share and to inspire.


This may not be everyone's calling, direction or path to healing, but this was my journey and after years of integration, I am ready to share it with you in Semillas.

The word Semillas means Seeds in Spanish and I chose this as the name for my program as a powerful reminder that the thoughts we think act as seeds that we plant in our mind. These Semillas grow into our beliefs our words, our actions and the circumstances and events that show up in our life. 

We must tend to our garden, pull out the weeds by the roots, nurture and feed the soil of our mind with new and inspired thoughts and plant the seeds of change that will grow into a variety of colorful and beautiful experiences that we get to call our life.


We will all be called on our own personal Hero’s or Warrior Goddess journey in one or several points in our lives, many of us are in the middle of one right now, and my hope is that I can throw you a 'vine' of rescue, extend a helping hand and to open your heart to assist you in finding your own medicine, your own gifts, innate wisdom and ultimate healing. 

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  • Knowing how to bring yourself back into balance when ‘life happens’.

  • Finding your own medicine, discovering your truth and having the tools to heal yourself.

  • How to bring ancient wisdom to today’s modern world to create balance and receive clarity and direction. 


  • Feeling connected to nature and living in right relationship to spirit and the earth. 


  • Being open to receiving signs from nature and trusting the wisdom of the universe. 

  • Creating a deep connection with the spirit of Cacao as she gently opens and heals your heart.


  • With a grounded spiritual practice that balances your meditation, Yoga or fitness practice that allows you to live and experience life fully in your body aligned with your heart and mind.


  • Learning how to heal your soul with plant as medicine and teachers.


  • Trusting the guidance of spirit knowing that you are never alone, guided, protected and loved. 


  • So grounded and spiritually aligned’ and not thrown off by the cycles of the moon, mercury in retrograde or the latest relationship encounter and what to do when this happens.


  • How to become a steward of the earth, feeding her life force and your own in return.


  • Having a team of spiritual allies and guides to call on for clarity and guidance.


  • Sitting in Ceremony with like minds on an epic journey to transform, creating community, support and the network of powerful tribe. 


  • Free from overwhelm by all the rituals, moon circles, affirmations, visualizations, books to read, mental activities and daily tasks. 


  • Using the ancient spiritual practices of the medicine men/women and the wisdom keepers to guide you in your own life.












We will begin our journey by planting the Seeds of change before moving to the direction of the South. For each week and each direction of the Medicine Wheel you will receive a special gift. A new tool for transformation that will become an integral part of your ‘Medicine’ your healing journey that will support, ground and uplift you on your way and for life!


FOR EACH DIRECTION - South/West/North/East


  • A Medicine Stone or Crystal from Nature

  • Archetypal Spirit Animal Medicine/Wisdom 

  • Alchemical Plant and Herbal Medicine/Wisdom

  • Earth Medicine Recipes to nourish and strengthen your body and awaken your mind on your journey.




  • Opening Ceremony - Intro to the Medicine Wheel and the journey ahead. Meet your tribe (others in the program) and the medicine of Cacao in our first Cacao Ceremony. Set your intentions and plant the seeds (semillas) for your transformational journey around the wheel. (Cacao Activation Medicine)


  • Learn how to Build your own Mesa. Your mesa (table) is you! it’s where you sit and feast with spirit and ground your spiritual practice. We will create and build on this each week, adding items that reflect the 4 directions and elements of nature to form your medicine bundle or altar. (Elemental Earth Medicine)


  • Learn how to create or upgrade your Sacred Space for your daily spiritual practice and a ritual dream space to call in, create and witness all that comes forth during your journey around the Medicine Wheel and beyond. Our energetic meeting place between sessions and a safe haven for you to retreat to. (Mesa Medicine)


  • Weekly Cacao Ceremonies to facilitate your journey, for reflection, insights and to receive the powerful wisdom and love that has been waiting for you all along. (Ceremonial Medicine)


  • Connect with Power Animals and discover ancestral history as you explore the terrain of your inner landscape, the upper, middle and lower worlds through Shamanic Journey (not psychedelic)
    (Ancestral and Power Animal Healing)


  • Learn the practice of ‘Ayni’ (Sacred Reciprocity) and learn how to come into right relationship with the earth through daily practices, prayers and  offerings. (Earth Medicine Healing)


  • Cacao wisdom and integration. Get to know the Semilla (seed) of Cacao as a plant medicine and ally, how to prepare Cacao for ceremony, medicine songs and intentional practices. Learn how to tune into the subtle frequencies to understand the language of this healing heart medicine and what to do once you receive the guidance. (Energy Medicine)


  • Oracle Card Readings - These are powerful divination tools, a visual tool and representation of where you are in your life right now, what you need to know and what you may need to let go of. Each week new cards, new wisdom, new medicine. (Spirit Medicine Healing)


  • Shamanic Journeys. Powerful guided meditations specific to each direction and our work for that direction of the wheel to gain insight, wisdom and guidance. (Spirit Medicine).


  • Stone Medicine. Each week receive a different medicine stone, crystal or item from nature that relates to each of the 4 directions and your personal story.  This stone/crystal will hold space for your thoughts and energy and become your medicine, a part of your Mesa and a powerful tool for your transformation, healing and growth. (Energy Medicine Healing) 


  • Plant & Herbal Medicines. Building on your wisdom and ability to heal yourself, we will introduce plant medicines to support your body, mind, emotions and spiritual connection and evolution as you nurture the seeds of your becoming and the new lighter and brighter you.
    (Plant Medicine Healing) Plant Alchemy, consciousness


  • Smudge Ceremony learn how to work with different plants to clear your energy, sacred space, home and medicine tools. New and Full Moon Rituals to align your environment with your becoming.
    (Sacred Spirit Medicine)


  • Wisdom Teachings and mythical tales to help you to embody the energy and direction of each week. (Wind Spirit Medicine)


  • Spiritual Nutrition. Learn how to use the medicines of the earth to fuel your new direction and life purpose. Your body is the home and resting place of your soul in this lifetime.  Give it the super nutrition and self care that it needs, so you have the health, energy and vitality to share your gifts with the world and live a long, healthy and happy life. (Physical Medicine)














Week 1: La Semilla Planting the Seed, Building your Mesa,, Meeting Your Tribe, Intro to the Medicine Wheel Teachings, Sacred Cacao Ceremony.


Week 2: Serpent Medicine of the South - Earth Surrendering, shedding the stories about our past, Diving deep into the belly of the great mother (earth) reconnecting with her wisdom and power.


Week 3: Jaguar Medicine of the West - Water - Way of the Warrior
Becoming Fearless, bringing the light to the dark, to the shadows, taming the mental and emotional waters, cleansing, renewal, ancestral wisdom, re-membering


Week 4: Hummingbird Medicine of the North - Fire - The Beauty WayT- Finding the nectar of life, walking the beauty way with the wisdom teachings and navigating the epic journey ‘joyfully’ back to source.


Week 5: Eagle Medicine of the East - Air - The Visionary 

Sacred dreaming, cultivating Eagle vision to dream your new world into being and becoming a steward of the earth.


When you grow and cultivate your medicine then you can attract the life you want. Focus on planting the Seeds for the medicine that you want to grow. Turn wounds into medicine. 




  • Each week is individual and builds upon and flows into the next until you are standing back in the center of your life, in the flow with a clear direction and purpose. 


  • The comprehensive journey will give you full support in helping you to move through what’s holding you back while being supported by the forces of nature.


  • We will look at our bodies as the mirrors of the beliefs and agreements we hold in heart and our soul and move towards releasing them to reveal a new body that ages, heals and transforms differently.


  • You will embody the principle that healing happens at the level of energy not the level of our stories. We sit with them to understand and digest but then we give them to the earth, the great mother who will mulch and grow beauty and wisdom for us.


  • Recognize the intangible forces, your personal energetic tribe of supporters that you already have around you, plus the community of our tribe that each week will hold you in sacred space and see you for the Sage that you are, You’re not alone.


  • You will learn to see the aliveness in all things and recognize the sacred in everything as you step into awareness and make peace with your past.


  • You will learn how to bring balance, healing and illumination to yourself and your loved ones.


  • You will experience the power and transformative benefits of community and ceremony and becoming a steward of the planet.




Over the past 14 years I have been a dedicated practitioner of Holistic Health, Yoga, Spirituality and Alternative Health.

I truly believe that food is Earth's Medicine and that for every ailment there is a plant, bush, bark, leaf or fruit out in nature to heal it, and I am living proof!

My passion for education and learning have taken me to places far and wide. I have had the honor and pleasure to study with well known Teachers and Shamans in the areas of Nutrition, Mind Body Medicine and the Shamanic Healing Arts.

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef, Yoga Teacher and Shamanic Energy Practitioner and Shamanic Reiki Healer.

I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, Kula Collective and The Four Winds Light Body School.

This journey has taken me from just sharing my passion for healthy foods to living and sharing what my Teacher and Shaman, Alberto Villoldo calls, The Four Insights: the way of The Hero, The Luminous Warrior, The Seer and The Sage.

I am here to share these teachings, to help connect humanity back to the nature within and without, so that we can heal, live a full and happy life and to do the work that we came here to do, with healthy bodies, open hearts and awakened minds.

I look forward to being of service in your new life journey.

Once you realize that everything is perfect, you can change anything.

There is no right path it becomes clear when you choose it.

Maybe we can insert a few of the below testimonials here?

Once you realize that everything is perfect, you can change anything.

There is no right path it becomes clear when you choose it.

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This is the journey for all those who are being called on the path to heal themselves. In order to help others we must walk the medicine wheel, the path of transformation, healing our wounds and finding compassion in others as you have been there before. 


Cate Bailey - Kundalini Yoga Montclair

I know it will be transformative  for people as you are a powerful, insightful and true teacher and the practices you share are deep.

Shannon - Qwell Meditation Montclair

The Cacao Ceremony was an transformative journey. You will leave feeling more connected to yourself and others. So healing, So powerful. A unique experience that you cannot  miss out on.

Anna Winkler - Shakti Yoga Millburn

Hyacinth Knows how to lead a Ceremony. Let her take you on this journey to the Cacao Goddess. You wont be disappointed!

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