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Sacred Cacao Ceremony

"Chocolate is a divine, celestial drink, the sweat of the stars, the vital seed, divine nectar, the drink of the gods, panacea and universal medicine."

Geronimo Piperni

A Cacao Ceremony allows time and space for us to step outside of our hectic lives and to return to the sacred. It is an opportunity to journey into the silence within, to reflect upon who we are, how we love, what's happening in our life and allows us to see the opportunities available to us. Cacao is the medicine and the sacred ceremonial space held by the facilitator allows the healing to take place.
A Cacao Ceremony is always done in sacred space with a facilitator who has taken the time to cultivate a relationship with the Cacao medicine, holding space, with reverence and awareness, allowing the Cacao to do her work.
When you sit in ceremony with an open and receptive mind, you are able to receive the beauty and the bitter-sweet Cacao medicine that opens your heart and connects you to nature.
Whether you’re looking for help in shifting an emotional blockage, releasing the past and finding your way, or if you simply want to lift your spirits and feel the love, these ceremonies can provide the insight and focus you need to re-align and get back on track.


As we try to keep up with modern day living and all of its demands, Our fight or flight systems are always turned on.
We are living in a constant state of stress, forever on alert, ready to fight or to flee from the next 'attack' at work, in our relationships or in our finances. We do not sleep well and when we finally do, we do not rest.
We can no longer think clearly, are overwhelmed and have forgotten how to relax long enough to solve our problems effectively.
When used with intention and as a Plant Medicine in ceremony, Cacao helps us to reduces stress and anxiety, calms our busy mind, nourishes our body and draws our attention into the heart space, where insight, self love, clarity and connection to ourselves and to nature takes place.
Cacao is a nutritional powerhouse, with over 300 compounds that help to positively alter a person's mood and boosts the natural production of serotonin and ability to fend off stress.
Cacao also contains Dopamine and Anandamide - known as the Bliss Molecule and Phenethylamine (PEA) that we naturally produce in our bodies when we fall in love. This is likely one of the main reasons why love and Chocolate have such a deep connection. It is the highest source of Magnesium and contains 40 times the amount of antioxidants than blueberries. It increases the blood flow to the heart and is known to support cardiovascular health and psychological well-being.
Cacao helps us to access the part of the brain known as the neocortex, aka the ‘New Brain’ it is the center of creativity, innovation, inspiration and intuition. The brain of Einstein, Bach, Music and Mathematics. This part of the brain awakens through meditation, ceremony, rites of passage and moments of awakening. It feeds on healthy fats such as those present in Cacao.
In Shamanism this part of the brain is related to the archetype of the Eagle that helps us to see our life from a higher perspective, where only possibility and transformation exist. Drinking Ceremonial Grade Cacao can help us to find meaning, direction and helps us to have the courage to see our lives in a whole new way. 
Cacao is a powerful Plant Medicine that helps us release emotional blockages that no longer serve us. It helps us to find forgiveness in ourselves and others, and shows us the way forward if we are stuck or afraid of making the necessary life changes in order to move on. It also enables us to access and release conditioning, patterns of behavior and addictions that are buried deep in the unconscious.


Working with the Cacao in ceremony, you will be clearing away all the excess baggage, negativity, and stale energy that you have been holding onto, enabling you to fully align with your heart. By being connected and in tune with your own heart, you can hold a pure space that amplifies the healing energy.
*Clear emotional blocks
*Opens the possibility for forgiveness and self love
*Let go of past relationships
*Understand ourselves better
*Connect with your creativity
*Enhance focus and provide mental agility in the workplace
*Enhance therapeutic work, coaching and team building with individuals and groups *Enable a deeper practice in yoga and meditation
*Become a daily ritual in which you honor yourself and a spiritual or religious practice
*Cacao has can help to reset the fight or flight system as it works on the heart center.
*Source: Rebekah Shaman.
Ceremonial Grade Cacao is not to be confused with Chocolate or even Raw Cacao. Cacao is Chocolate in its purest form before it is highly processed, heated and stripped of its life affirming properties and nutritional benefits. Milk and Sugar are also added to the processed Cacao bean making it a confectionary sweet treat that is consumed worldwide today.


Ceremonial Grade Cacao that is consumed during a Cacao Ceremony is intentionally grown and blessed by indigenous Cacao Farmers and carries a higher vibrational quality. Out of respect for mother earth and the hearts and hands that grow and harvest the cacao, I only purchase Ceremonial Grade Cacao where the Cacao Farmers and communities benefit from the sale and the cultivation of the land where the Cacao is grown is a priority.
The word cacao originated from the Maya word Ka'kau',  as well as the Maya words Chocol'ha and the verb chokola'j "to drink chocolate together".


In the Mayan culture, cocoa was so highly regarded that the Maya developed a creation myth concerning human beings involving cocoa. Any time a plant is given divine status in a culture, it means that the plant is central to that culture. For the Maya, cocoa was an integral part of the fabric of their lives. They cultivated cocoa, they used cocoa beans as currency, they developed numerous preparations of cocoa, and they topped it all off with a creation myth concerning the central Mayan god, known as Heart Of Sky.
Many people are unaware of the spiritual and medicinal properties of Cacao, most of us just love Chocolate because of the taste! This may be the case but what you love so much about chocolate and the way 'she' makes you 'feel' is exactly what I am talking about and that feeling is only scratching the surface. I invite you to a Cacao Ceremony to experience the true essence of this sacred bean known as Chocolate.
After extensive research, professional training on how to work deeply with Cacao in Ceremony and through my own intimate connection with her. I am honored to share this sacred earth medicine with all who wish take a journey into their heart, to learn, to love, to laugh and to create whatever they want more, or less of in their life. See you soon.
Hyacinth knows how to lead a ritual. Let her take you on this excellent Journey to the Cacao Goddess. You won’t be disappointed. A. Winkler 
 "When I first arrived at the Cacao Ceremony at Shakti Yoga & Living Arts, I honestly didn't know what to expect since it was my first experience. Immediately upon arrival, I felt very comfortable  because Hyacinth created a very nurturing, sacred, loving, and healing environment for all of us. She is an authentic, and powerful Shaman. Hyacinth is the embodiment of the Cacao Goddess." ___Chris B
Upcoming Ceremonies:
If you have a small group of up to 8 people we can work in a semi-private socially distanced ceremony
or couples or one on one sessions are available.
*Advanced registration is required.
Available for private Women, Mens or Couples Ceremonies, Birthday and Wedding Celebrations.

Sources: Rebekah Shaman, Hyacinth Mills and The Medicine Hunter

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