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Mayan Medicine - Make Every Day a Ceremony

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Join me for a Transformational, Spiritual Retreat to Tulum Mexico!

Rituals & Ceremonies to Dream Your World into Being.

I went to Mexico in November 2019 in search of the perfect location for the next level of transformation that I am being called to hold space for.

Well, I have not only found it, but I have secured a beautiful eco-sanctuary in Tulum for a 5 night, 6 Day Spiritual Healing Retreat.

We will be diving deep into what I am calling "Mayan Medicine" Rituals and Ceremony for Dreaming your World into Being. The theme of Mayan Medicine is Reconnection and Renewal.

Reconnecting to your essential self, by learning from and communing with the elements of nature and spirit, so that you can be free to heal, to fully embrace and to embody your own medicine and life purpose. Gain the wisdom, power and tools to create and manifest your own sacred dream.

This holistic journey takes us through the Medicine Wheel and Mayan Calendar for rebirth and renewal.

Through the energy of the Serpent, we will cleanse and heal our bodies with daily Yoga, Vegan/Gluten Free Cuisine and fresh juices, prepared by our Vegan Chef. Jaguar Medicine, will bring courage and mental and emotional clarity, through the Mayan wisdom, Sweat Lodge (Temazcal) and Medicine Wheel teachings shared. Hummingbird Medicine brings Soul renewal and connection, through traditional Mayan Cacao and Fire Ceremonies with Mizraim, a 7th generation Medicine Woman.

Mizraim  will also be giving personal Mayan Readings, revealing the energies present in your life according to the 2500 year old T'Zolkin Calendar. Turning your wounds into sources of power and conflicts into powerful alliances.  Renewal of your Spirit comes through Eagle Medicine from the nature of the surroundings, the work we will do in our sacred circle, visits to the sacred Temple of Coba, a Mayan Village and rituals and offerings to the spirit of the elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

There will be time to enjoy the sun, sea, sand to connect, relax and integrate.

If you want to make 2020 the year you create a shift in your life, then make the time for YOURSELF to learn, grow, heal and transform from this experience. I have done this work and it is powerful!

I have set strong intentions for this retreat and I hope that you will join me in dreaming and manifesting your vision for 2020 and your life into being, finding peace, love and prosperity.

You will be back refreshed and renewed just in time for Mothers Day! What a gift for yourself and your family!

Join me in Tulum! Full info listed under Events!

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