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Rituals and Ceremony - As a mindfulness practice.

I love rituals and ceremony, they are huge part of my life and of my offerings through Earth Medicine Healing. They keep me grounded, connected and bring me back to my center in times of need. Rituals give a sense of purpose and structure to each day and can help you to get out of the mechanics of the mind and opens a gateway into the domain of the soul, your true authentic nature.

Ceremony creates space for reflection and inner peace and cultivate a deep connection to your heart and soul, the deepest essence of who you really are.

Incorporating rituals as part of a ceremony, can be as simple as connecting with and giving gratitude to the spirit of water as you shower in the morning or while drinking a glass of water.

Instead of reaching for your phone in the morning, get up and place your feet on the ground and feel how you are connected to the earth, place your hands on your heart and connect with your soul, take a deep breath and say "Thank you"...for everything!  or/and "How can I serve"?

Set a whole hearted intention and align and ground yourself so that you can have the best day ever! This takes just a couple of minutes and make a huge difference in your life.


At the Full Moon, we celebrate our wins and get present to what no longer serves.

We release what held us back from our original intention that was set at the time of the New Moon. If necessary, we make the appropriate course corrections and are open and aware of new opportunities. We realign and consciously move forward.

There are many ways to celebrate the Full moon, here are a couple of  simple but powerful ways to get you started, or to add to your existing rituals.

1) Get together with close friends or attend a listening circle or a ceremony to listen, share, celebrate your wins or to receive support for what needs attention in your life.

2) Release and Gratitude Ceremony:

After a few centering breaths ask yourself:

  • Who do you need to forgive (Don't forget yourself!)

  • What do I need to release now?

  • How am I currently blocking my growth?

When asked from your heart, these simple questions can clear the internal clutter and create space to let your true intentions and light shine through.

If you wrote out the answers to your questions, you can burn the paper (if you wish), or put on some music and stomp and shake it all out, giving it to the earth!

3) Go outside, look at the Full Moon in all her beauty, get present to how you feel. Allow her to wash it all away and ask her to help you to shine your light the way she so effortlessly shines hers. Give Thanks!

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