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What is Shamanic Energy Medicine?

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Shamanic Energy Medicine is an ancient healing practice first used by the indigenous medicine men and women around the world. This way of healing takes place by upgrading the 'luminous energy field' (LEF), a field that surrounds the physical body also known as the Aura. It is believed that the luminous energy field is where the imprints or recordings of all the physical, emotional and spiritual traumas from our past and that run in our families are stored, imprints that determine how we live, age, heal and even how we will die. Usually triggered by a major life event, chronic stress or emotional trauma, these imprints are activated and manifest in our lives and are downloaded into the physical body as chronic disease, inflammatory and auto-immune conditions, poor relationships, lack of energy and purpose, depression or a series of negative life experiences.

Without clearing the LEF, we may also repeat the genetic histories of our ancestors – living and dying from the same conditions they suffered with throughout their lives.

Western Medicine doesn't recognize the LEF and believes that your DNA is the blueprint of your health and that it is fixed. This belief leaves you at the mercy of hereditary diseases and it's only a matter of time.​

Shamanic Energy Medicine believes that your DNA is informed by the quality and health of your luminous energy field, which informs the health of the physical body.

By working directly with the energy of this field, we can clear and heal the imprints or pre-dispositions of disease, before they manifest in the physical body, creating the energetic conditions for health.

This is the foundation of Shamanic Energy Medicine, clearing the imprints of disease in the field so that healing happens naturally in the body.

Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics are now confirming what the Shamans have known all along. That we can re-wire our brains to create psychosomatic health and modify our genetic expression through our lifestyle, our beliefs, how we think, eat, drink, and even how much sleep we get every night. 90% of our health is determined by our lifestyle.

We are not our stories or our past and have the opportunity to recreate the destiny of our health and our life through Shamanic Energy Medicine, nutrition and by re-connecting with nature, allowing it to inform and upgrade the energy field that we share with her (nature).

Want to dive deeper into this topic and experience what an upgraded and expanded luminous energy field feels like?

Then join Shaman Mizraim and myself for Mayan Medicine in Tulum Mexico. We will be exploring Shamanic wisdom, ceremony, connecting deeply to nature and learning healing techniques to upgrade our energy field and our lives.

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